Customer Testimonial Video Script (352 words)

Jake: We were college kids. We wanted to do something in the fashion world and for us, there wasn’t a brand that we really resonated with.

Rather than doing it in a traditional way, were able to build a brand digitally through social media and other channels and we quickly grew from a million dollars in revenue our first year to seven million the next and thirty the following and kinda on and on from there.

Bri: We are a small team but we operate at the same level as a company that has a couple hundred employees because we are using the right technology.

Content is at the heart of everything we do. It is what keeps our brand unique.

Without Dropbox Business, collaborating would not be nearly as efficient or easy.

We are working with up to a hundred different content creators at any given time.

Jake: A lot of it is on the road, so it’s impossible to have an office or a routine.

The mobile app is perfect because you can just upload images, get links, add comments.

It’s pretty much the desktop experience, just in your phone.

With MVMT, there is collaboration back and forth because the most beautiful product always comes from the joint vision.

Bri: Dropbox Paper allows you to put so many different forms of media in a very visual format. I’ve never come across an application that has allowed me to see all those things cohesively.

Jake: All of our content creators already use Dropbox. There’s not many tools, so widely used by the community, that makes our lives so much easier.

Bri: MVMT is always trying to think ahead. Influencers’ organic promotion of us and integrating MVMT into their lifestyle has given us a lot more reach than we may have had otherwise.

Jake:We want to focus on building a brand as we keep things agile and lean, we are able to deliver more products,we are able to move quicker. We want to focus on partners who help us scale and from day one, we had Dropbox on our side.