Customer Testimonial Video Script (204 words)

Hi, i’m Eddy frode de la Forest. I’m marketer at Mailjet. I’m in charge of social networks and growth marketing.

Mailjet is an emailing company that offers transactional and marketing emails. Our specificity is to provide collaborative features for simplifying teamwork within our platform.

We’re already on social networks and have a contact page but we wanted to instal Crisp for users to contact us in a very simple and easy way.

From one side, we have customers, We can answer their questions and provide a level 1 support, especially if they are on a hurry. On the other side, we have leads that have questions regarding our product or our pricing.

First, there is LiveTranslate. Mailjet is a global company. We’re located in North America and all around Europe. For each website visitors, we’re able to adapt and speak the same language and answer anytime, this is really great! Then, we love shortcuts. It helps us to be much more efficient and helps the customer to get his answer very quickly.

Finally, we use Analytics a lot. It helps us to tag every conversations to improve customer knowledge and adapt our website based on users feedback or our product if we feel the need.