Customer Testimonial Video Script (477 words)

-Guillaume: I’m Guillaume, I’m the CEO and CO founder of Lemlist. And Lemlist is an email automation platform that allows you to get more replies to your cold emails, thanks to personalized images and videos.

So basically, our goal is really to help out agencies, entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow using email outreach. So initially, I had my own b2b lead generation agency.

So I was doing the outreach for our clients. And that’s actually why we decided to create a software that will automate all the personalization work that I was doing initially, in my agency.

Helping startup grow through email outreach is really important to me, because I see a lot of blogs out there on the internet that are really misleading. And I really wanted to change and break the codes with new and innovative solution that was really performing well for me, so I wanted to really share with others.

So luckily, my two co founders are tech geniuses. So basically in two weeks, we had the chance to have a minimum viable product. We use Lemlist to start reaching out to people via email outreach.

And the response rate was really amazing because the fact that we could use our own product was already, in essence, a demo of the product. And the engagement was like super high. So we knew we were getting somewhere and having like the right market fit.

First time I heard about AppSumo, it was about like, three years ago, out of nowhere, I got like targeting on Facebook. Last January, actually, Jeff send out an email to me, saying that he sold them lists basically our the community of almost a million entrepreneurs and agency and small businesses, and they love to do a deal with us.

So when we launched at AppSumo, it was actually even more crazy than what we expected. In two weeks we are like so many chat about like around 5000 conversations. So for a small team like us, it was very unexpected.

We really learned a lot on how to build really strong FAQ, how to simplify the product as much as possible and really make the support experience much better for our customers.

With the success of Lemlist I’m super proud of what we’ve accomplished with our entire team. Leamlist is like my baby and so, you know, it’s like seeing your baby grow. I think it’s something beautiful. I think it’s the same with running a company.

What I really enjoyed with working with AppSumo is the fact that they have really like an amazing team. Each of the person working here is really highly specialized, whether it’s in Facebook ads, content creation, video creation, and they’re really helped me out stepping up my game, and I’m really enjoying the time I’m standing here. It’s amazing.