Customer Testimonial Video Script (194 words)

-Erin Bury: So we’ve been using StackAdapt for the past few months and really the reason was we’ve been creating so much content for our clients, blog posts and other long-form content.

We were looking to drive more eyeballs to it but, you know, social ads can be interruptive and nobody wants to use banner ads anymore, so we’ve used StackAdapt and found it really intuitive,is the platform’s easy to use, the dashboard provides amazing reporting, which we can then provide back to our clients.

And what we like about it the most is that you can pick where you want your content to show up and then you can also pick the types of people that you want to actually target that content to by their behaviors, their interest.

So for example we’re working with a pet food brand and we’re able to target it to people who like dogs and like cats. That’s really the most important thing to us, finding relevant people to connect with our content and then make sure that they’re actually engaging with it, so overall we found the platform has been really effective for our campaigns.