Customer Testimonial Video Script (439 words)

-Tony Briseno: Accruent is a SaaS company, we host applications to help our customers more effectively manage their physical resources. Anything from when a hospital needs to change their bed sheets, when grocery stores need to monitor their refrigeration units, to cellphone providers tracking all their cell towers or commercial real estate paying their rent on time.

I am the network and monitoring manager and our Cloud Operations Group tending to the data centers and the cloud environments to deliver those applications to our customers. We needed a unified monitoring solution, we did not have a dedicated monitoring team so it needed to be easy to manage and easy to improve while giving us best-in-class out-of-box features.

A colleague had actually used LogicMonitor in the past and that’s how I came across our radar. We evaluated a lot of tools that did one thing or the other really well that just doesn’t work for us, we’re too complex, we have too many data centers, we have too many clouds, we’re in AWS, we’re in Azure, we’re Google cloud, we’re an Oracle cloud.

So it’s not a nice to have it’s an absolute need to be able to monitor multiple vendors in our data centers and all of the clouds and do it all in a systematic and valuable way. LogicMonitor was the first time that we had an opportunity to bring in all of our applications under one roof we displaced all the other tools that we had they were all point solutions for particular applications or sets of vendors.

The entire process for rolling in initially it was probably about three months. First, we integrated LogicMonitor with PagerDuty, then with JIRA, and eventually Microsoft teams as well. We also integrated LogicMonitor with our internal ELK  Stack so that it can actually go out and read the logs and then alert on the logs coming in to our ELK Stack.

A key component there for LogicMonitor is that it’s agentless that was one of our requirements for our unified performance monitoring solution and I would say it’s extremely user friendly, it’s easy to browse around and it’s one standard system of alerting, one standard system of analyzing it does a really good job of discovery and understanding what metrics that should be collecting on that new device.

It’s helped us improve uptime overall and understand our own applications in a much deeper way than we used to do. It’s definitely helped us get to the next level of where we need to be in terms of performance monitoring and understanding our applications and better serving our customers.