Customer Testimonial Video Script (370 words)

-Michel Schiff: Really the big issue up front was are, we all looking at the data the same way? We might be asking the same questions but are we going after the answer the same way? That was the biggest problem.

Pretty much everybody within Heroku from sales and marketing to your product and engineering to finance everybody uses the Looker product. Looker is one analytics platform.

Not necessarily overnight but probably over the course of about six months. We were able to really get people trained that if it’s not in Looker it didn’t matter.

On the top-line revenue side, one of the things that Looker helps us with is to enable us to put the right people in the right places with regards to supporting our customers.

So that would be customer success reps, full-fledged sales reps, all of those have a different cost profile. We want to make sure we’re mapping the right resource to the right type of customer.

So with regards to ROI one of the areas that we spend a lot of time is analyzing our infrastructure costs. Because the Heroku platform is so broad with the millions of users there’s a lot of expense involved with managing that platform.

So what we do is we use Looker to analyze all of the different components of our infrastructure to be able to figure out how best to utilize that infrastructure and have the right pieces in the right places, and Looker has been great and really has improved our ROI with regards to our expense control.

One of the surprising benefits was how much we can continue to scale the use of the product with the number of people that we have within the operational team to support it. Right now we have 400+ users using the product and I still only have 2½ people managing all of that.

In the old days you would have to really scale your support organization to be able to manage all of that, we really haven’t had to do that and that’s just because of the way that Looker is architected and you continue to stay true to your roots with regards to making it a true analytics platform.