Video testimonials can also serve as hero videos - letting one of your successful clients speak on your behalf about the advantages and benefits of your product. In my opinion, Groove has created the perfect hero testimonial video: It's short (only 59 seconds), intriguing, informative and tells the customer's story in a transformative and fun way.

Customer Testimonial Video Script (150 words)

Hello! My name is Nick Gray, and I’m the founder and CEO of Museum Hack.
I used to not like museums.
And somebody brought me there, and it unlocked this curiosity for art and history that I never knew that I had.
We started Museum Hack to change the ways that museum tours are given.
That includes not just the public tours here in New York City, but also private tours and corporate events.
We use Groove to help us answer all of our customer support emails.
It’s enabled us to grow our team, grow our support staff and very easily stay on top of all communications.
I think what our customers like about Groove is they don’t even know we’re using this really robust backend system.
We’re able to still be a small business and present this unified, happy front of customer service with fast answers.
Everybody loves it.