Customer Testimonial Video Script (383 words)

Shea Brazill: Before it was all in that dreaded binder.

– Kayla French: The binder.
– Kara Mitchell: Yeah, hahaha

Dana Armon: Clipboards and pieces of paper. And every single time somebody made a change, you had to go to six different clipboards and take that change.

Topher Cunningham: It was controlled chaos. It’s night and day, night and day of what has transpired.

-I don’t think there’s really anything else out there that’s allowing you to not only put the event together, but also have customer relationship management together with the booking platform, which is huge for us.

-It’s Gather! It’s been amazing like life changing for us.

Jin Park: Everything every events person is going to say this too. It’s a secret, is how quickly you communicate.

Jessie Casey: It’s so important.

Topher Cunningham: What gets sent to the client, you know, it just looks so much more professional than our, you know, what we were using in the past.

Grier Donald: All they have to do is literally click a button, make a payment, and they’re done.

Kimberly Miller: We use it for everything from the beginning of every lead. Everything goes in the system and moves all the way through booking until the end. We can utilize our time and sell more because we’re able to be so efficient.

Dana Armon: I just love that it’s so quick. I get the inquiry and I can instantly answer them. Doesn’t matter if I’m in a game, on a train, talking somebody I’m like, hold on. I’m like: “Nope, not available, or yes, here’s the information”

Kayla French: Because it’s really almost another person working on your team.

Kara Mitchell: Yeah, no, totally agree that

Shea Brazill: Now I can look at December for example, and know I had 45 parties last year. How am I getting at 50.

Kara Mitchell: I think the repeat business is fantastic. Whereas I had an event last year and we did the same thing. That’s great. Here’s the exact proposal. Let’s just make our small tweaks.

Kayla French: Exactly.

Shireen Herrington: It’s just so much easier.

Topher Cunningham: What Gather has given us to help our business grow. You know, I can’t say enough.

What are you waiting for?

Yeah, get on board.