Customer Testimonial Video Script (405 words)

-Ben Aronsten: So Seedrs is the UK’s number one investor in early-stage businesses, been around for about three and a half years and we’ve had about 150 million invested in campaigns on the platform, we’ve funded about 380 deals and what we do is we allow everyday investors to invest in businesses they believe in, and early stage companies raised growth capital in order to grow.

So the amazing thing about Funnel is the fact that we have all our media partner activity all centralized into one place.

So before Funnel we were doing a lot of our reporting and all our marketing activity doing manually in middle of spreadsheets, we were doing a lot of pivot tables and it was very disjointed, we were doing a lot of de-duping with a lot of data and we weren’t hundred percent sure on what the findings were accurate or not, and then obviously Funnel has allowed us to automate all of that into a single view within a dashboard, which has provided a much more richer and cost-effective, both a financial and a resource point-of-view way to understand what the renowned our marketing activity is performing.

So the effect on the business since using Funnel has been the time and resource allocated to analyzing data and collating data has been exponentially decreased, so we’ve made gains there instantly.

I think the fact that is in real-time and the fact that collects both organic and paid data into one central area has made both internal teams and external teams a lot more accountable as well, so we are able to have a very clear picture on what is performing and what is not, and that has made that the whole process is much more efficient I think there’s easily probably 30 percent gains or in the region of 30 percent gains in regards to our business objectives.

When we decided to go with Funnel obviously integration and onboarding is a key part of any business relationship and the service that we got from Funnel and we still do get from Funnel is amazing.

We pick up the phone, we’re trying to figure out a customized view on the dashboard and it’s resolved literally within a matter of hours, and confident is the fact that there is no question asked that they don’t have the answer too, which to me shows that they know their product inside and out, which is amazing.