Customer Testimonial Video Script (330 words)

-Brad Elpers: At Escalade Sports we are a manufacturer and distributor and marketer of several products on the Sporting Goods categories. My primary role is managing the Customer Service Department at Escalade.

We now sell direct to consumer which we hadn’t in the past so that was a driver of needing a tool that will allow us to measure our SLA’s and just overall a positive customer experience.

-Mike Butterfield: We took a look at our customer service area we felt that we had the correct team in place but didn’t have the tools from them to be able to meet the consumers needs.

When we were looking for different products we wanted to make sure that we can find a solution that would work with not only the consumers needs and the changing market but also how we change as well.

In the past at Escalade we have managed customer support issues in a very manual process. We have five different divisions and each division has their own customer services segment.

So it’s very important for us to be able to make the consumer experience easy to contact us and for us to be able to keep track of what issues they were having.

-Brad Elpers: When we started working with Freshworks our initial objective was to find a ticketing system for email we wanted to then roll into something to manage our calls so we were really looking for a full solution a full interactive solution with our customers.

We were able to implement the product move from our prior system to this system with really no issues and no negative impact to customers, we know that our response times are significantly better and we can see on an individual rep level how many emails they’re answering what that response time is, so then you can really manage the full experience.

What our customers saw was a quicker response time we improved our first response time by 50 % to 60 %.