Customer Testimonial Video Script (294 words)

-Michael Levy: So we met at Xero Roadshow and started talking about our different firms and one thing led to another we got on the topic of food trucks.

-Tate Henshaw: When Michael and I were building food truck accounting we thought- ‘what should it look like from the client’s side’ – and then we built the backend between the two of us in the partnership.

-Lauren Macleod: Michael and Tate are the best. We didn’t know what we were doing when we started, we’d never run a food truck. He’d never worked on a food truck before. We didn’t know about all of the different taxes and how it changes across city lines and because they’d had experience they helped us navigate all of those things that we would have been disasters that we had to figure them out the hard way. I’m a millennial so I wanted an accounting software I could do on my phone on the go, on the truck that was really quick and easy and intuitive.

-Danny Bua Jr.: I want to make sure they’re like 100% of my focus is on this food and making sure like it’s awesome. This is what I need help with and say okay, well this is what we get Xero for.

-Michael Levy: Working with Lauren has been a great joy because she’s really listened to the advice and advisory we’ve provided her. Teaching her best practices and procedures and just how to run the truck to be absolutely successful.

-Lauren Macleod: The team at Xero allows us to focus on putting out really good food without having to worry about accounting. Because of the technology, we feel like we have a much better chance of surviving as a small business.