Customer Testimonial Video Script (654 words)

Kimberly: Hey, Claire!

Clare: Hey, Kimberly! How are you?

Kimberly: Good! Thanks for sitting down with me today.

Claire: Of course, of course!

Clare: So Novella Brandhouse is located in the Crossroads area of Kansas City which is a great place to be. It’s full of creatives and artists, photographers doing the work they love to do, and we feel right at home down here with our kind of quirky mix of our team which is everywhere from artist to designer, strategist, copywriters, and our favorite employee, Hugo the dog! So we found Flywheel a few years ago because our developer, Scott, who we work with, brought it to our attention of a really great go-to option for our clients.

Scott: So, I decided to try Flywheel after meeting a Flywheel employee at a Local Word Camp KC meeting, and so I gave it a shot and tried it out. What I found, I really liked at first or immediately, was the fact that I no longer had to worry about security, and that was my number one problem with some of the bulk hosters.

Elizabeth: Our clients love the fact that it’s easy. They love the fact that Flywheel does the automatic security updates and WordPress updates. I don’t have to think about that, remember to do it, and then it’s backed up every night. So that gives them peace of mind. Once a website design has been approved, we start building it and that’s really where Flywheel steps in for us.

Clare: So, when we’re working with a client on a new website, I mean we know that we can introduce Flywheel into the picture and be absolutely certain that it’s gonna be a great fit for our client.

So kind of during the process once we’ve gotten design approval and we know where we’re headed with the website, you know we bring them right into the loop with Flywheel so that they can come in to the Flywheel site and check what’s happening with their website in real time and the absolutely love how accessible it is to them during the process.

It doesn’t feel like something that’s happening you know behind closed doors where they, every once in a while get a sneak peek… they’re really part of the process and you know that takes Novella Brandhouse, and Flywheel, and our clients to kind of make that all happen.

Scott: One aspect of Flywheel that I really find helpful is using Blueprints. With Blueprints we can save our best designs, or aspects of design, so then we can quickly shortcut the development of new websites.

Elizabeth: We know going forward that Flywheel is a solid partner for us and that we can reach our goals with having that partnership.

Claire: So, our goals moving forward for Novella Brandhouse are to really kind of take the process that we’ve developed here and fine-tune it, so we can move forward and do it even at greater scale, and by working with companies like Flywheel, it’s allowed us to just not worry about certain aspects of the business, so we can focus on attracting the next great client.

Elizabeth: So after working with Flywheel for a little while we decided to become a Flywheel Agency Partner, and honestly it’s been fantastic. It’s helped our process with our clients, in terms of managing their hosting and staying on top of that.

-Clare: So we, you know, we continue to work with Flywheel. We have yet to be disappointed. I mean, Flywheel has exceeded our expectations at every turn, and it’s become such an integrated part of our business, and again, as a small business we can’t be the expert at every single thing, so having that partner that’s an expert at that thing is so indispensable to us that you know it’s a part of our growing business, it’s part of why we’re successful!