Customer Testimonial Video Script (235 words)

Nelly is where the major fashion destination in the Nordic region in Scandinavia, where we’re selling women’s clothing, mostly to women between 16 and 27 years of age. Our turnover last year was about 200 million dollars. And since I got to the company 5 years ago we have increased sales from about 30 million dollars.

We’re going from acquiring customers more into the CRM. The major challenge for us is to be relevant in every communication all the time to our customer. If we keep on repeating irrelevant messaging to our customers.We are seeing that they are losing interest. Looking a couple of years back we were mostly doing the big blast kind of communication to our customers.

We were looking for a business partner that provided a 360 solution for being able to provide good analyzation tools, and we wanted a marketing hub where we could steer all our campaigns through one hub. That’s also an important thing for us to get the expertise from outside.

We now are having ten times more unique target groups where I think 50% of them are less than 500 customers. We are having 12 million contacts with our customer each week. We definitely see that if we’re creating more engaging material we don’t have to give our customers as much discount. Ultimate is that we’re providing the opportunity to reach all customers raising about 1 million dollar uplift each month from campaigns we are measuring.