Customer Testimonial Video Script (348 words)

At EmeraldCube, our mission is providing business clarity to a wide variety of JD Edwards users.

As an Oracle gold partner, our customers rely on us for proprietary tools and expertise that they simply can’t find anywhere else. So we’re able to provide a complete end-to-end solution.

Access to actionable data is vital for a company’s day to day operations and long term success.

But implementing technology that actually improves decision making and changes behavior can require significant hardware, software and personnel investments that for most businesses, just isn’t economical.

We were looking in nearly two years and almost a million dollars to build a comparable solution ourselves.

Partnering with GoodData enabled us to offer embedded analytics to our customers and only three months.

With our Emerald vision solution, we’re now able to dramatically revolutionaze the workflow for JD users in as little as a few days, providing business critical clarity that’s more affordable, scalable and free of technology hassles.

Emerald cube customers don’t have to buy or install anything extra. And they can customize insights within Emerald vision in a secure environment that scales with their needs.

This is really the most effective way to get 360 degree visibility and the critical business processes quickly and easily. The core benefits for us are getting to market faster scalability, innovation, saving on resources and having full integration with the Internet of Things.

GoodData is the perfect partner because their platform consolidates structured and unstructured data from every possible source. It supports the entire pipeline from data ingestion to insights delivery.

This allows our customers to interact with their data right at the point of work, enabling visibility and improve decision making in all aspects of workflow operations.

When employees become more aware of what’s possible through this platform, they cross pollinate and help clients grow their insight too. Our vision was to revolutionize business intelligence for our customers.

And GoodData has helped Emerald cube do just that. In fact, we extended our subscription based model three times faster than expected. We couldn’t have done that without partnering with GoodData.