Customer Testimonial Video Script (277 words)

-Amjid Chohan: The pizza market is a very fast-moving market and we’re finding that one of the biggest challenges is keeping up the needs and the demands of the customer, understanding how they want to engage with Dominos as a digital brand whether that’s a responsive website or the mobile application both of what kind of features they need what are they looking for in terms of how they place an order.

So there’s a few different elements there that we’re trying to connect and better cover with our customer and engage with them in a stronger way to make that engagement with Dominos that much more fulfilling an enjoyable experience.

The biggest reason for us to partner in New Relic is that the New Relic platform offers us a an excellent insight into how our applications are operating in the real world for us to measure the health of our system but also to enable us to bring together to both the technical elements of an e-commerce platform also correlate in business factors, for example, things like conversion, page load times, which directly correlate with conversion factors or how satisfying an online experience would be.

We’ve found getting up and going New Relic really easy. I think it’s called Automagic in some of the terms that and you really use themselves and I think that’s a quite effective term to describe that experience it really is quite seamless.

The word I’d use to describe New Relic is visualization, it really is a powerful visualization tool especially within sites to allow us to make the right decisions for, not only for our business but for our customers.