Customer Testimonial Video Script (305 words)

-Joe Carroll: InnerSystems is a 41 year old database company or data platform company, we’ve been in data storage for a very long time and our customers tend to be a traditional enterprise applications anywhere that there’s mission-critical data we tend to be around.

-Todd Winey: We are very heavily involved in the healthcare industry, financial services, logistics and a lot of government operations.

A big part of our marketing message is freedom of choice, we are very hands-on high-touch organization and we’ve always said we’ll make sure our software runs wherever you want to run it.

Now in this day and age a lot of complexity, more clouds, more on-prem, combination of the two. Docker is really the only solution that lets us go ahead and test with a high level of comfort to support that mantra.

-Joe Carroll: And so the InnerSystems iris platform is our new product is built container first and cloud first this is the latest iteration and reinvention of our database products and this technology is really powerful it’s massively scalable.

So the scalability that Docker Enterprise gives us in terms of our testing infrastructure allows us to go from what was before a tons of tests a day to thousands of tests every night and we were able to provide such a higher quality of software to our customers because of this testing infrastructure enabled by Docker Enterprise.

-Todd Winey: With Docker we really see it continuing to improve our ability to deliver more software releases faster and as we see the rest of the industry kind of catch up to that thought leadership and we really see it as a common platform for delivery across multiple cloud platforms.

Multiple iterations so we’re really excited about the future of Docker and how it’s helping us to deliver better software.