Customer Testimonial Video Script (386 words)

-Matt Rider: Digital transformation and what that means for Citizens is reimagining how we do business.

Our focus at Citizens Bank is  changing the mortgage technology experience at the front end with the borrower and their experience as well as on the back end and that’s where it’s essential that technologies that we look for have that capability, they bring that to the table for us to be able to unify those.

-Sharon Frazier: The innovation team was formed because we knew we wanted to disrupt ourselves.

-Mike Noe: In November 2016 we started our innovation team and we started with just a handful of containers and services about a dozen containers and maybe three or four services.

Since then we’ve grown to over 3,000 containers across our entire platform and over a thousand supporting services.

-Don Bauer: One of the ways my team helps with the company’s mission is by reducing costs. When we run an application inside of a container it’s about 40% less overhead than running it inside of a VM infrastructure requirements go way down.

The other big piece is the storage piece. Our storage requirements inside of our containerized applications goes down about 90 percent across the board because we no longer have the entire operating system that would be running in the VM.

-Sharon Frazier: So the innovation team has become the internal FinTech for the bank.

-Don Bauer: Docker Enterprise has changed the way we design our applications we’re no longer building monoliths, we’re no longer building unmaintainable unsupportable things that are just gonna bite us in the future.

-Mike Noe: Using Docker Enterprise with the container platform it allows us to better serve our customers about having more reliable systems but making sure that the services that they offer can be updated quickly with the features that they want.

-Sharon Frazier: It’s the building block component for our new platform

-Matt Rider: Docker has definitely helped us innovate it is definitely helped us to accelerate some of the ideas that we’ve had and then generate new ideas because of the capabilities the Docker platform where we’re able to move from id8 to operate you know in a matter of hours in some instances so Docker has given us a lot of capabilities there that will distinguish us in the mortgage industry.