Customer Testimonial Video Script (494 words)

– Matt: Watson Creative is a research-based creative agency backed up with really good solid communications and storytelling.

– Angi: we make brands come to life. We get to work with small local companies and large corporations.

– Matt: we could be working with a non-profit one day and the next day we could be working with the New York Yankees.

– Angi: digital marketing, social media, brand identity, website design, our clients are our most important factor in what we do.

– Matt: the backbone of the toolkit for our agency is Adobe Creative Cloud.

– Angi: we have anywhere from three to five departments working on a single client at one time, so we need to be able to communicate to not only the clients but most efficiently internally.

– Matt: we got the opportunity to really dive into Adobe XD and has just opened up on the possibilities of what it could do for our agency.

– Ian: oftentimes I was writing in a silo, I was writing on a blank sheet of paper without the environment in which these words would live.

XD is just as amazing product in which a designer and a writer can really concept in a collaborative way that feels conversation and dialogue back and forth.

I wasn’t taking into consideration at all how the user was going to be seeing these words on the page or when they were gonna be seeing it.

What XD has allowed us to do is make sure that content is being developed hand-in-hand with design.

– Anna: Using another program I probably wouldn’t have really dreamed giving the client, you know, four different color options of the home page because it would have taken too long, but now there’s just no lag whatsoever, that really encourages me to try everything and anything at least once.

-Angi: the ability to comment in prototypes real time is huge, we get those notifications right back to us if we have clients that are outside of our local ability, we’re not able to have them come in and walk them through this. We’re able to send them a prototype straight out of XD that we’ve already tested that we’ve already gone through the motions on so we know it’s successful.

– Matt: we save across the board well over 25% in comparison to the traditional way that we are designing sites.

– Angi:  no matter what the size is no matter what industry it’s in we all get invested, that’s what keeps you inspired that’s what keeps you passionate.

– Ian: you’re not creating in a vacuum you’re really part of the process from the very beginning and then far after with ongoing brand development.

– Matt: it’s a richer experience for everybody involved, the overall happiness of our employees because they’re spending more time creating an authoring and less time doing production is a huge benefit and something that I think will catch fire.