Customer Testimonial Video Script (255 words)

-Sarah: I do architectural and interior design. I run my own business sole proprietorship. When I started my business it was completely intentional. I had small kids, I needed a flexible schedule and you can’t do that when you’re working for somebody else. Before I started using FreshBooks I had spreadsheet for expenses.

I had this other thing for keeping track of time and then I wrote out invoices separately and they were separate from my estimates and there was separate job records. In fact sometimes, I hated doing it so much that I wouldn’t send out an invoice for months after I’d done the work. It got to be embarrassing, then a lot of people got free design work out of it.

I switched over to FreshBooks because it allowed me to save a lot of time. I didn’t even try it for 30 days I took a look at it and jump right in. Any time you find the perfect tool to complete a task you don’t want to go back . It was simple, it was really easy to read on the screen I could see everything I needed right in front of me and it was really easy to learn. I felt like I’d struggled.

When I’m on a job site I can pull up that project on my phone and I can record hours and send invoices. That in itself saves me like probably twelve hours. I’m definitely making more money because I can spend more time doing work for the people.