Customer Testimonial Video Script (458 words)

-Karan Singh: The #1 challenge that LeanData addresses for us at Cloudera I would say is that it provides our Account Executives with a single pane of visibility for all the prospects that they may have in a given account. Historically what would happen is that we would have lead records for a given account, accounts, contacts right and there’s a giant brick wall between all of that information.

-Lars Nilsson:  LeanData provides a linkage so that leads coming in can be automatically combined or converted over against the account object, which is frankly today been a huge problem for companies like Cloudera that have a known target addressable market. We have a series of accounts that we know we want to someone to and this helps the efficiency of our inside sales team.

Before we had LeanData it wasn’t known to most account execs or STRs that there were all these lead objects associated to a particular account.

-Karan Singh: So the key business benefit that I would say we’ve obtained from LeanData is that it’s allowed or afforded us the ability to prioritize our sales efforts, our sales prospecting efforts. And then that allows them to focus their attention on the selling motion rather than triaging, prioritizing and cleaning up the the CRM that first in order to go after these accounts.

-Lars Nilsson: One of the other truly special things that we have found by implementing LeanData has given us the ability to come up with a new best practice within our SQL key  and we’ve actually named it account-based sales development.

-Karan Singh: As a Sales Operations Manager at Cloudera one of the things I’m chartered with it again is managing our implementation. And within that right I spend a lot of time in the technical details within One of the things I love about LeanData is that it’s fairly robust in its matching algorithm and here’s what I mean by that.

We wanted to do this auto-convert process internally for a long time and we wanted to leverage Eloqua, we wanted to leverage native Salesforce, triggers, programmatic, effort all sorts to try to have leads auto converting to their respective accounts. It was a huge challenge and everything we did was very basic in order to do that conversion process.

LeanData is great because it’s fuzzy matching algorithm. It allows us to be really precise about how leads auto convert and I think for me as a technical individual that’s crucial. We want to make sure that when a lead does auto-convert that the system knows exactly where to put it right and there’s a lot of complex rules and algorithms within LeanData that allow us to do that.