Customer Testimonial Video Script (209 words)

-Jörn Schrubbe: With Celonis process mining we built the digital twin of all production processes and can measure them against our target processes and what our process should look like

-Jürgen Metz: It’s essential that our employees and our automated processes operate flawlessly, our goal is to improve all processes from the ground up and that can only be done if you have full visibility

-Jörn Schrubbe: Process mining helps us a lot making data-driven decisions, we are not depending on what we think the process should be regardless if it’s in production or in finance on after sales.

-Hermann Bauer: Celonis helps us to achieve operational excellence by gaining quick access to our real-time production flow without major effort.

–Jörn Schrubbe: If you think of all these options a customer has when he orders a car to individualize it to make it his car that of course brings by variations to processes.

With process mining we are able to handle these variations and ensure the best quality of our processes as well as the end product to meet our customers needs.

We are able to identify potential obstacles and of course on the next stop take measures to reduce them and making processes super-fluid.