Customer Testimonial Video Script (332 words)

JANVI SHAH: Sharing photos can be hard, especially when everyone’s on different devices and using different apps.

So we built shared albums in Google Photos, which makes it easy to send photos to anyone using a link.

We use Firebase Dynamic links to auto-generate short URLs that determine the user’s platform, whether or not they have the app installed, and ensures users land in the right place when they open a shared album link.

Firebase Dynamic links saves us time by making it easy for us to ensure that users get the content they are looking for. It provides us with debugging tools and analytics to ensure that everything works.

AMY COYLE: Google Analytics for Firebase has given us a more robust understanding of the Photos app, and enables us to be more autonomous, rather than relying on our analyst team. By instrumenting the app with analytics, we’re able to learn more about the context behind certain actions in the app.

This helps us understand what kind of users, for example, users in a particular country take what actions, which helps us improve the product experience and our marketing.

Linking Firebase with AdWords allowed us to run campaigns that drive meaningful engagement for the Photos app. For example, we know that turning on auto-backup in the Photos app makes sure you don’t lose your photos even if something happens to your phone.

Using Firebase, we were able to create an audience of users who had the Google Photos app but had not turned on auto-backup. We were able to use the action of enabling auto-backup as the conversion for our remarketing campaign and, as a result, we saw 40% higher engagement with that action compared to the control.

JANVI SHAH: Firebase has empowered our product marketing team to work more autonomously, gather better insights, and run smarter campaigns that drive meaningful engagement.

We’re so excited that millions of people use Photos, and we’re committed to continuing to improve the product in the future.