Customer Testimonial Video Script (299 words)

Typically how we format our outbound emails is we’ll start with why are we contacting you and so in the case of our example we start with like ‘hey I was researching optimizes website and I saw that you’re using these technologies’ and then we’ll have like a little targeted thing based on their role where we’ll say like if it was an engineer we would say something like

‘Hope you’re not getting too tired of integrating those tools for marketing’, and then we just go into our pitch where we say like ‘hey my company segment works with similar companies to optimizely’ and that’s where we’ll insert our social proof so in our case for optimizely we would say we work with simple of similar companies like Mesosphere, Docker and Sender all b2b companies and we would then launch into the targeted message based on the role.

For the product we highlight like our ability to implement tools quickly we also highlight our ability to get like the complete set your customer data in one place we change that message for like a an engineer where you say like you can focus you can integrate these tools and focus on building your core product and then we close out with this help your insert roll team to do roll priority.

Sso we change that based on the role and so we try to say like for a marketer would say like ‘would this help you better understand how you are acquiring customers’ or something like that, so on.

The whole idea  to sum it up is that we show research about why we are content and explain, why we are contacting this person we then go into our pitch and then we have a call to action.