About Us & Mission Video Script (212 words)

It’s not about API’s. It’s not about bots and telephones. It’s about making technology do things it was never supposed to do. It’s about making magic technical. And then making it feel magical again.

It’s every time a developer makes his first API call. Every time a developer trains his first machine learning model. Every time a support agent turns a bad experience into a good one. It’s about every story point. That’s about every milestone that’s spent making technology smarter because you know something they knew. A path to success is paved with failures all 200s start with 500s and you know that with each build you’re pushing the boundaries of human potential.

I build to make things simple.

I build to educate people.

I built to make my customers lives better.

I build because I never thought I could.

I build for my family.

I build to give humans superpowers.

I build because I broke it.

I build to make money.

I build to feed my passion for creating.

I build to bring people together.

I built to learn.

I built to fix bugs.

I build because it’s fun.

I build to help you build.

Building is power, building is voice, building is representation. This is your SIGNAL to build