About Us & Mission Video Script (349 words)

-Narrator: Everyone has a story to tell and each story is different. At Patriot Software we’ve given our employees the chance to write their own stories and they’re eager to tell them.

-Asher: I started working here 17 years ago when I was still in college. Today I’m a principal software engineer. At Patriot I’ve had the chance to work with really smart people to build everything from time and attendance software, accounting and payroll software, to internet job boards.

Everything we produce is delivered through a web browser or mobile device so we understand that great software is the key to our success. That’s why we involve everyone in the creative process.

-Narrator:  We’re looking for the very best programmers and designers to help us tackle world-class projects and to do that we make sure our employees have access to the latest tools and technologies in their field. These are the tools, technologies and opportunities that could write the next chapter of your story.

-Elliot: I started 15 years ago when I was still in high school and I’m a Principal Systems Engineer in charge of implementing and maintaining of the company’s infrastructure that also ranges anywhere from security to scalability.

-Narrator: Our aggressive goals for growth and product development are creating both challenging projects and opportunities for career advancement. We’re looking for driven individuals who will embrace these goals, accept the challenges and become leaders within the company.

-Steve: Patriot is an attractive place to work because along with being a very successful company the people are very friendly, the perks are great, the work is flexible and the technology space is both exciting and challenging.

-Narrator: Patriot Software also offers attractive benefits a generous vacation policy, flexible scheduling and a modern company culture in a relaxed and fun work environment.

-Angelia: I guess one of the things I really like by working at Patriot is like a really casual working environment. We take our practice seriously but I thought it.

-Narrator: Challenge, opportunity, advancement and fun these are the stories of Patriot Software. What will your story be?