About Us & Mission Video Script (457 words)

Brian: why do I love dropbox… boy I mean if you’ve got a few hours I can go over it.

-So why do I love dropbox

-Why do i love dropbox?

-Why do i love dropbox?

-um um…

-Pranav: That’s a really difficult question

-Conor: You got to be the people

-The people…

-Lisa: the people…

-Brian: there’s not a bad apple in the whole building.

-Justin Bethune: now boxes everyone’s positive I feel like every time I come to work it’s extremely positive.

-Pamela: I think it’s a very human place if that makes sense.

-Katie: the culture at Dropbox is down to earth and magical.

-Tracey: lots of dedication hard work paired with a lot of fun at the same time.

-Will: it’s also a culture where people want to deliver on results but they also never take themselves too seriously.

Justin Pervorse :Dropbox is respectful of my time not only here at work but also at home

Leslie:there is a seamless integration between your life and your work.

Justin Pervorse:it’s just such a diverse group of people and everyone comes together to create this all-star team.

-Pamela: I’m always like surprised here at Dropbox.

James: there’s a lot of tolkien dropbox about our great fixer.

-Ritu: my very favorite perk at Dropbox is the tea and scones currently you’re just like sitting there  writing code and all of us on this card comes to your desk.

Justine Bethune: the gym is great it’s awesome I really enjoy the gym and being able to work out and then pump iron pump iron…

-There’s a music group of the office us spend a bunch of time a day late nights you know playing guitar with folks from work.

-Will: the one thing that really attracted me to come to Dropbox was this belief that users really owned their data.

-Ritu: it’s not uncommon that like I’m walking around and I have a dropbox t-shirt on and somebody will stop me on the street and be like I loved what you build and I love that I just love knowing that I that what I’m building has so much impact on so many users.

-Justin Bethune: one day Dropbox will be such an iconic name that I will look back in and be so proud of myself for being a part of the journey.

-Pranav: it all goes back to empowerment and initiative these things are just going to who we are and the kind of people be higher.

Justin Pervorse :it’s not only place where I come to work it’s a place that I… I come to grow

-Lisa: oh my god i love dropbox.

-Lisa: Is this interview over now?  – okay thanks