About Us & Mission Video Script (286 words)

-Ahad Raza: I would tell anybody thinking about working for InVision that the product is amazing the culture is great the people are great and you kind of add in the fact that you can do this from the comfort of your own home wherever in the world you want to work make for a pretty compelling reason to get more information.

-Ryan Burke:  this is not your traditional sales job we’re out there educating the market on how to use design centric approach.

-Rebecca Grinley: when we’re going into a meeting we really care we’re trying to learn about what their process is.

-Evan Witte: rather than “hey here’s an order form I want you to buy this thing” is  like “hey do you want to change? here’s the ways we can help you change”.

-Carol Tang: if you’re looking to really be proactive and learn and try to grow your career I think that this is a great place to do that.

-Kayleigh Karutis: if you have a place do you want to be in six months, a year, a few years from now chances are you can make it happen at InVision.

-Ryan Burke: the traditional sales person they love that is a different environment like it’s a more product focused approach in a market that’s bought many designs a cool space to be.

-Steth Shaw:  we’re in an industry that is not yet established and our business can see beyond the horizon of what’s to come, and any time you have an opportunity to be able to be a part at something they can see beyond the horizon, gotta take it life is about those opportunities and this is a rare one.