About Us & Mission Video Script (714 words)

Rajaraman: the moment you come and spend some month in Chargebee you will know the degree of the complexity that is the problem that you’re trying to solve.

Krish: this is the invoicing component that is the payment gateway and then there is this whole billing intelligence layer. All of that needs to come together to solve a business problem which is related to billing and payments for a customer.

Sumana: Chargebee is a complex product. So whatever you start with, it has multiple modules, it will interact with each and every module. So it is like a team product. You have to cooperate with other other teams and come up with a specific solution.

KPS: it is not just the architecture of the of the app that is important. It’s also the architecture of the company that’s important.

Krish: Started off just four of us starting a company out of an apartment and then wanting to learn how to build an organization.

KPS: the initial reason why we wanted to build, we wanted to build a company was to see if we can create an organization where people love to come and work.

Lakshmi Narayanan: the founders have always been about trying to understand what the other person’s mind is thinking right now or the other person situation is.

Shakti: I have a three year old at home and I was very particular about my timings. Most of our clients are outside India so the rest of my team works in the night shift but they told me that you know, I can still work in what needs to be done here within the time that I want to work so they’re very flexible that way.

Lavanya: it is actually a fantastic place for women to work..

Shakti: and small things, right? Most companies you have a games room it’s mostly the guys who go and play and girls like you know, watch out okay, are there no guys? Okay, let me go and click but here there’s nothing I mean, we fight for the TD.

Vaibhav: we are more of a family. So whatever we do, we do it as a family.

Lakshmi Narayanan: the rules are pretty flexible. You tell them what is it that you want, and you tell them your trajectory and if you’re very clear on that, they will ensure that they map it out for you.

Rhama: so even if you come at me and say you don’t, you don’t like coding or you don’t like doing something, you can always switch instead judging. You can be whatever you want.

Chitra: the recognitions will happen here immediately because we don’t have much levels here…

Krish: hardly three layers of degree from the top was management and founders, to people who do real work.

Shakti: I can go and approach anybody, nobody thinks: Oh, I am, my designation is this I should not talk then. Frankly speaking, other than the founders and the directors, nobody knows anybody else has designation. There are very few Indian brands which are global which are aspirational brands. And that is what Chargebee is trying to be.

Krish: one of the biggest learnings working with a global customer base is that your customer base is very diverse and it is important to have a very diverse workforce that challenges all your assumptions and also pushes the boundaries of ways in which you get things done.

Vaibhav: being a north Indian when it came to fiction, what I got in Germany, it was totally different from what is the perspective of a north Indian being in Chennai.

Krish: we are born in Chennai, but built for the world.

KPS: through our mission is again to keep the same startup culture to think of it as a micro startup. People are able to learn the into enty and take what you get out of a startup, and at the same time, also have the world class processors and then just we have a rubber spot.

Lakshmi Narayanan: you should be in a place where they are generally interested in you as a person.

Krish: when we take care of our people, they take care of the customers and eventually take care of the business.