About Us & Mission Video Script (301 words)

Great brands are built with the power of storytelling because we as consumers or customers we don’t buy products we buy stories, we buy emotional connections.

And only those companies who build deep emotional connections will win the battle for the heart and the mind. This puts marketing right in the driver’s seat. Our promise at Marketo is to empower marketers to create lasting relationships and grow revenue.

At Marketo we literally focus everything we do with all of our technology innovation, resources and energy to help marketers win. But how does Marketo help marketers win more? First and foremost we can do it better than anyone else because we are an inventive organization.

Marketo is the technology leader in the marketing category, we set the innovation agenda for the entire industry. We’re always a step ahead with our innovation that makes us much faster than our competition.

Only Marketo has proven that it can continue to innovate at the rapid speed needed to help marketers keep pace with the demands of an ever-changing and ever connected digital world that we call the engagement economy.

The second thing that makes Marketo very unique is that we are savvy, we were born marketing, we live marketing this is all we think about we get the marketer and we think outside the box. Finally  and most importantly Marketo is unique because we’re United as one marketing nation with you.

We provide the expertise and top leadership that marketers need with the industry’s most advanced and innovative services and support organization.

We are one marketing nation working together with you, our customers every day. At Marketo we are 100% committed to making marketers successful, today and more importantly tomorrow. Simply put Marketo has got your back.  I hope to see you in the marketing nation.