About Us & Mission Video Script (228 words)

This is Sydney, Paris, Tokyo, Dublin and San Francisco.

This is Rebecca, Sabine, Tsuki, Derek and Vincent. What do they all have in common? They all speak the same language

They all speak Workday.

This is Workday we make enterprise software. We were born in the cloud in 2005 when the cloud was only that.

When we started Workday we were determined to break from the past by doing so we’ve created a bright future. today we’re doing things that have never been done before and we’re doing it globally reaching millions of people while being recognized as inclusive, diverse and overall just plain great.

How are we doing all of this? Maybe because we have meetings like this, forge friendships like this. Give people the freedom to do their best work like this. Hire individuals who dive right in like this. We value integrity, reward innovation, promote fun, love our customers and have customers who love us a lot.

Other companies talk about balancing work and personal life but Workday brings the two together. So, bring your talents, your passions and your whole self to work.

Help us dream up a new future in Dublin, demo a product in Paris, create a marketing strategy in San Francisco and tackle the industry’s biggest challenges. Whoever you are, wherever you are come join us together we’re making work. Work better.