About Us & Mission Video Script (459 words)

How to build a successful company. No dynasty. No legacy. Start with a vision. Start with six people. Always start with the people to cubicles, one goal. Start with a few investors, big dreams and a whole lot of pressure. How to build a successful dynasty? No… team?

Start with one pitch, one slam dunk, one touchdown, start with getting on the field!  Lacing up your sneakers, I mean suit and tie and rolling your sleeves up. It’s never sheer luck.

It’s working farther than the competition. Moving faster than anyone else out there. Always evolving and advancing, moving forward. If you’re feeling a little Froggy, just leave, let go of the doubt and jump. It’s more than Well, it’s Waking the Ultimate Way, it’s doing the right thing for everyone, every day.

How to build a successful team! Legendary team start with respect. Start with honor. Start with dedication and motivation, and the whole lot of help. Start with treating the lowest paid like they’re the big boss, those in the back of the room like they’re leading the show.

It takes a little teamwork. As in teamwork don’t just make the dream work. It makes the dream possible in the first place start with earning trust and lonely gifting it to those who prove themselves worthy.

How to build winners, no… Champions start with finding the winner within. Finding the best players and the best team and creating an environment for “Avengers” to assemble and get the job done. Even if that word gets drowned out by the roar of the crowd and the game of life. Real winners are those whose names are even on the big screen.

Winning is all about the unseen between the highlight reels and the celebration. The real magic happens by those who don’t care whether anyone sees them make the shot or close the deal or donate a meal. Or thousands of them.

It’s not about the trophies on your mantel, never was. It’s about the people how to be a champion. No Ultimate. So it is putting the people first always. Start with the people giving back to the community that raised you putting your faith in the same people you serve giving them a place to belong, putting them on the pedestal while you stand in the shadows. It’s paying your peeps to pay it forward over and over again. Lending a hand to provide support that just might inspire them to be Ultimate one day to how to build a legacy.

Start with never quitting. Start with being relentless. Start with starting from the bottom. Start with six people. Always start with the people who become 5000. Hope millions. Then become unstoppable. Move forward and never look back.