About Us & Mission Video Script (295 words)

The story of Intercom begins four to six million years ago, when human and chimpanzee lineages went their separate ways between then and now the chimpanzee race progressed very little, however the human race discovered many powerful ways to communicate.

This wonderful ability allowed humans to have rich personal relationships with each other.

These relationships were not only between family and friends but between people who did business together there was trust, understanding and respect.

Then in 1993 Marc Andreessen made the mosaic web browser this changed the world in many ways here are two:

Anyone anywhere could provide product and services to anyone anywhere.

Our ability to communicate personally regrets about four to six million years.

In 2011 for humans who are also struggling to connect with their customers decided to fix this.

They embarked on a mission to make internet business person, they saw internet businesses communicating with customers using a disconnected mess of old school systems.

Each team in the same company was talking to one customer base using different tools with nobody on the same page.

Businesses didn’t know who they were talking to.

While everyone else as building new and shiny versions of the old-school solutions the four humans built Intercom one simple platform to help every company acquire, engage, support and learn about their customers.

On average intercoms customers by two and a half of these products, now they have 10,000 of these paying customers who use Intercom to communicate with 500 million of their customers every day.

This impacted positively on Intercom’s revenues which grew 5x in 2014 and a further 4x and 2015.

Today the four humans are working with more than 250 other humans to make internet business personal it might have taken 6 million years but these humans are just getting started.