About Us & Mission Video Script (429 words)

-I mean it’s an easy answer what’s my most favorite thing is the people here.

-The people.

-The people.

– People.

-The people.

-Definitely the people.

-My coworkers are authentic.

-There are so many different types of personalities so many different people here everyone here is just so energetic.

– Honestly I think I love every single day.

-Sunny: Honestly my favorite part about Iterable has to be Monday mornings it sounds a little cliched but if you’re working on building meaningful products and a fun and engaging environment with some really smart folks there’s nothing not to like what a Monday morning in fact I look forward to it.

-Sasha: One of the reasons why I love it here is because like I’m definitely gonna get better here, I’m gonna get even better by working here.

-Kevin: Iterable is also really fast-growing, there’s so much that can be done, there’s so much opportunity, so much growth that I feel like it just keeps me active all the time here.

-El: I remember I started on a Monday and I just flown back from London on the Friday and I landed and I checked my emails, I opened up my inbox and I was thirty five gifts from the CS team, every single person that sent me a different gift.

-Sara: I was really impressed on my first day when I walked in everybody said ‘hi’ introduced themselves it was really easy to get to know people.

-Michael: I haven’t met anybody at this company that I don’t like.

-Connie: For me like work-life balance is huge and when I come to work I just kind of also want to know the people and so my favorite moments are definitely ones where allows like people’s personalities to shine and to focus on things that isn’t just work.

-Ashely: I joined Iterable at a very interesting time we were fewer than 30 people on the team.

I really appreciated the fact that my manager when I was doing intern really saw the potential in, me she tried really hard to bring me on board full-time because she believed in me and she believed that there is an opportunity for me here at Iterable and right now I can say that she was absolutely right.

-Harold: This is a place where you would be trusted to do what you do best and rewarded for for doing the work of your life.

-Matt: Many people in tech search for the one some never find it this is the one, this is the one.