About Us & Mission Video Script (215 words)

– Vitaly Pecherskiy: Everything from audience discovery all the way down to landing page optimization and creative suggestions will all be automated.

Why don’t I tell you from end to end how it works and then you guys can crop it however you feel like.

I think automation is secondary to solving the fundamental value of advertising, which is core customer acquisition. So, if you look at the two companies that are the biggest companies in advertising they’re performance advertising companies.

So, we have tools on the market that sold for customer acquisition but the challenge for them is that they’re growing increasingly complex.  You have to employ constantly a team of staff that would manage these tools to create value, which is risky because if somebody comes in and they’re an expert within a domain and then they leave all of a sudden your agency or your brand has lost this know-how to operate these complex systems.

I think in the future more companies will look to do you risk their business by onboarding systems that will work independent of humans and then instead giving back the power to humans of working on things that are more creative inherently, more rewarding and then focusing on things that can be automated outsourcing them to the technology.