About Us & Mission Video Script (252 words)

Josh Dzielak: Algolia helps developers add reliable and fast search to their websites and applications instead of having your own hardware and having to create your own expertise around search you get to use ours.

Sandy Kwon: What initially drew me to the company was the product itself and then what’s keeping me here is really the people everyone’s really committed to the company and to your development and it’s just a great place to be.

Yvonne Chu: The people and culture plays major role at  Algolia, even though we have an office that is across the world we still manage to stay connected.

Eric Elias: We are a developer friendly API where we’ve we have official SDKs and over 15 languages and frameworks. It’s really trying to understand what are the developers trying to accomplish, what are they trying to build, how are they trying to build it and navigating, how they want to do that, what they’re trying to achieve and seeing if Algolia can match up.

Josh Dzielak: With that we’ve built our experience by working with over a thousand developers and we’re always looking for new ways to recognize and increase our developer community.

Gabriel Dillon: Some people do crazy things with our technology that might be applicable in

different places so maybe it’s an e-commerce store, maybe it’s a SAAS product, maybe it’s something geolocated, so taking something that somebody has done really cool and applying it to a new field is something that makes me really excited.