About Us & Mission Video Script (421 words)

-Drew: I remembered I’d just taken a seat on the Chinatown bus from Boston to New York and I had bunch of work that I needed to do but then I realized I forgot my thumb drive.

I was like, “again?” It keeps happening. This is crazy. Our life should just be in the cloud. We shouldn’t have to worry about any of this.

So I started writing some code, having no idea what it would become.

20 years ago, more often than not, the people you’re working with are right next to you or they’re working in the same building.

Today it’s a different story. Teams are much more spread out.  They could working in different countries, working in different companies because of technology.

Keep in track of all this information and keep in track of all these different tools waste a ton of time.

Within Dropbox, we call this: “Work about work.” It’s like all this stuff you’re doing that’s not your actual job.

Dropbox is building a one unified home for all of your teams’ content and the collaboration around it.

So this means that instead of your stuff living a dozen of places, you have one place.

And we tie together all the different silos and ecosystems that you’re using.

-Quentin: Dropbox is pretty obsessed about the details and about delighting our end users. And you see it throughout the products we’ve delivered and you see it throughout the design work we’re doing as we develop new things.

Dropbox showcase that there’s a whole new way of sharing and collaborating. A lot of content is not meant to just be share for ad hoc consumption but instead professionals want to package it up into a very specific form, and provide a very specific experience, and how someone else will receive that content.

It’s true in all sorts of different walks of life. From everyone, from tax lawyers, to producers, to artists, have a need to present content in a personalized and branded way.

And showcase really opens up a whole new opportunity to enact with their clients and the people they work with in a much richer way.

-Drew:We have evolved from keeping your files in sync to keeping teams in sync, connecting people to their most important information.

Because we realized what’s the most important thing to our users wasn’t the storage. It is the sharing and the collaboration.

It’s a living work space where people can come together and their ideas can come to life.