About Us & Mission Video Script (265 words)

As a fast-growing company Slack is not part of our life, our day to day and our heart. We communicate and collaborate more than ever before. So we’ve decided to travel 6,000 kilometres to build a Slack integration for Officevibe in one of the most beautiful and inspiring cities in the world: Barcelona.

Slacking off is life both share the same mission to make people happier and more productive at work. At Officevibe we help managers get their feedback, measure team engagement and provide recommendations to improve.

The plan was simple: use the messaging power of Slack to enhance interactions between managers and their teams. Fortunately for us Slack built one of the most powerful APIs we’ve seen in a long time. They provided clear documentation, a robust set of features along with a tech customer support. To start we build a quick and easy and burning flow. Anyone can connect their Slack account in a matter of seconds.

Lionel Messi is one of the best soccer players of all time, he made such an impact on us that we named our bot Leo, Leonel’s nickname. Then at this point, Leo and the team were facing their biggest challenge: messaging users. We’ve worked very hard, until it finally happened. Leo could now send private messages to users in Slack.

With one day left the team had to push Leo a  little further. Leo was then able to instantly notify managers whenever feedback is submitted to Officevibe.

We could say ‘mission accomplished’. So we just want to say thank you Slack for making all the difference.