About Us & Mission Video Script (248 words)

Anxiety, stress, confusion. Tragically millions of people around the world still use spreadsheets to organize their work.

-Joel: Hi i’m Joel founder of the anti spreadsheet foundation our mission is to free those still imprisoned by ancient work methods. If you out there suffering we have a message for you, you are not alone

-Sam: After losing my work for the third time I started noticing the physical effects before I knew it I was controlled asking everyone.

Pauline: I was working on that presentation all night next morning in front of my bosses but I realized I was working on version 4 of the spreadsheet like Kevin told me instead of version 7 $%@ck you Kevin!  I don’t hold a grudge I’ll forgive you Kevin.

-Joel: We’ve already managed to save thousands of people but we want to do so much more.

Sam: Thanks to the foundation I’ve been spreadsheet free for ten months now.

-Twelve months!

-Seven months five months!

-Eleven months!

-Twelve months!

-Sixteen months!

-Five months!

-Pauline: I’ve been spreadsheet free for six months now and my life has never been better.

Joel: Here at the foundation we set ourselves some pretty ambitious goals.

By 2020 we want to save 1 million managers who still manage their work with spreadsheets. Together we can rid the world of this evil one spreadsheet file at a time and it all starts with you.

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