About Us & Mission Video Script (678 words)

-Narrator: This is a survey and this is just a monkey… but this is SurveyMonkey.

At SurveyMonkey our mission is to power the curious. We really love data. Here’s a little bit of data about us. We have over 700 employees and 6 offices around the world — working hard to ensure that our millions of users can ask the questions that matter to them.

It’s a great place to come to work every day. To help tell you more about it we decided to do what we do best — we sent a survey to our employees so they could tell you exactly why SurveyMonkey is so great. Here’s what they had to say.

-Shayani: I am this excited about working at SurveyMonkey.

-Rhisa:  At SurveyMonkey I feel like I can really make a difference and create a lasting impact.

-Matt: Everyone here is super nice there are no #$”#@ can I say that?

-Miles: I get to work with a great group of people, the perks are amazing. It’s just super fun to come to work here.

-Wallis: I get to come to work every day and work with some of the most creative and intelligent people that help me raise my game.

-Narrator: When we asked what was the best thing about working at SurveyMonkey many of them said that it was the people but a close second said it was their ability to make an impact.

-Shayani: Change agents.

-Quirky…but in a good way!



-Really smart.



-Narrator: Our survey shows we’re an eclectic group. We enjoy the great outdoors and indoors. We like to hike, bike, bake, knit, read, drink, dance,ski, snowboard, garden, camp, golf, backpack, fish, skateboard, surfing… well it’s hard to keep up with all the things we like to do. 37% of us make art or music. 40% of us run on a regular basis,but only 14%  run a marathon.

One in four of us volunteer regularly. And when it comes to cats versus dogs — well 65 % prefer dogs and only 10 % prefer cats. But 20 % of us think they’re equally terrific.

Most of us are taking trains, buses, walking or biking to get to work. We also speak a lot of different languages — Portuguese. Español. Francais. Arabe. Hindi. Python. JavaScript. PHP.

We know our team is made stronger by bringing together different styles, backgrounds and interests. It helps us tackle new challenges grow and innovate.

-Brice: At SurveyMonkey I learned something new almost every day.

-Glen: Same here

-Shayani: It’s like working with your best friend and your role models and your mentors every day.

-Morgan: SurveyMonkey has a super collaborative work environment all the teams are great, not just my team… except the video team they’re a bunch of geniuses.

-Monette: Everybody was just so warm and welcoming really made you feel at home right from the get-go.

-Prasad:  I think the emphasis on curiosity is something that is really special about SurveyMonkey. They want everybody asking questions.

– Narrator: At SurveyMonkey we’re dedicated to employee wellness and our staff chose catered meals and snacks… generous PPO policies — and our diversity and inclusion events at the top three ways we help build a positive work culture.

-Sean: I know this sounds trite but they really do put the employee first.

-Sylvia: Great work-life balance.

-Miguel: I love our brand.

-Luis: I’m proud to tell people I work at SurveyMonkey.

-Nancy: I feel like I can make a difference here.

– Kane: At SurveyMonkey I work with people that make me better at my job.

– Laura: I’ve done some of the best work of my career here. It’s been a fantastic experience to gain new knowledge and to learn a lot from all of my peers.

-Hannah: I have learned a ton in the past five years and I would not change my time at SurveyMonkey for anything.

-Hosanna: At SurveyMonkey I’ve had an amazing opportunity to grow in my career but also as a person.

-Zander: SurveyMonkey it’s where the curious come to grow.