About Us & Mission Video Script (688 words)

-Briana Friden: Hi, I’m Brianna Friden and I’m a recruiter with LogicMonitor.

-Sam Dacanay: I’m Sam Dacanay and I’m an engineering manager. We’re here to give you a tour of the company and to tell you more about who we are, what we do. So let’s get started.

-Brianna: Let’s get started!

-Sam: To give you a background on LogicMonitor we’re enhancing what’s possible for businesses by advancing the technology behind them through seamless infrastructure monitoring. We have about 400 employees globally but we’re growing very quickly. Our engineering team is about 80 people third of which are in the US and two-thirds are in APA

-Briana Friden: We’re actually here in our downtown Santa Barbara California location. The first thing you’ll notice is that we do have an open floor plan which helps us be our highly collaborative cells. It also fosters dynamic interactions which lead to better and more ideas.

-Sam Dacanay: That’s really important for us that our leadership team is highly accessible to everyone. They actually sit in the open office floor plan with their respective teams. Since you’re in recruiting, what would you say is the best part about working for LogicMonitor?

-Brianna Friden: I think one of my favorite things is our unparalleled career growth opportunities. Sam, you’re a perfect example of this. You started here as an intern six years ago and now you’re managing 13 full-time engineers and nine interns. So when we hire we’re looking for people who are going to be able to grow with us as a company.

-Brianna Friden: We’re now on the fifth floor, where our technical teams such as engineering and product management sit.

-Sam Dacanay: Here at LogicMonitor we want to make sure that people are set up for success from day one. So engineers go through a bootcamp that lasts about four weeks where they get trained on the products, the platform and the full stack of our infrastructure. We also offer lots of professional development reimbursement opportunities with LogicMonitor. So there’s a class you want to enroll in or a seminar you want to take go for it.

-Sam Dacanay: Briana, what is the culture like outside of work? What does LogicMonitor doing to give back to the community?

-Briana Friden: Yeah! Giving back to the community is something that’s really important to us here at LogicMonitor. So we have our LM Charity program where we come together once a quarter and do something really meaningful for the community.

So some examples include hosting a school supply drive, volunteering at local food banks and participating in a race for charities. Have a that shared sense of camaraderie and being part of something bigger is really special.

-Sam Dacanay: What are the other perks and benefits set LogicMonitor offers to ensure that we preserve that culture that we have?

-Briana Friden: There are so many awesome perks and benefits that make me proud to work here at LogicMonitor. For example every single employee has offered stock options within the company.

We also have unlimited vacation time so we’ll actually encourage you to take 15 days off as a minimum every year to recharge or just do something that makes you  happy and healthy.

On top of that, we have our unplugged bonus. We’re actually pay you a thousand dollars a year every year to take a week off of work. The catch is that you actually have to unplug and again do something that helps you recharge.

We’ve got one of the best views in Santa Barbara on our 5th floor balcony.

-Sam Dacanay: I totally agree.

-Briana Friden: Tell me a little bit more about the planned growth for the development team.

-Sam Dacanay: Yeah. We actually just announced our plans to expand our engineering capabilities and team. In the coming months we’re gonna add over 100 new engineering team members to the group to build the most extensible, comprehensive and intelligent monitoring platform in the world. We both really appreciate you spending a couple minutes with us here and we hope that you learned a lot about LogicMonitor.

-Briana Friden: Thank you so much