About Us & Mission Video Script (713 words)

How has your life changed working at Tableau?

-Shannon St. Clair: My life has changed as being part of the Tableau sales team, because I enjoy what I do now. I get out of bed in the morning and I’m excited to go to work.

-Phil Andrews: I’ve personally been looking for a company like Tableau for a long time; it’s exceeded everything I’d hope for.

-Bente Vollan: I love coming to work. I find myself working sometimes long days, but I feel really energized at the end of that day.

-David Salinger: The culture at Tableau, you feel empowered to really do your job. And you’ve got a product that really stands up behind you in a way that I personally have never sold anything like it in my life.

-Shannon St. Clair:I feel inspired actually. I feel like I’m changing the world.

Why do you enjoy Tableau?

-Ankur Sharma: Our customers think of us as rock stars; they love us. It’s hard to find a company that has customers that that think of their company that way.

-Wilson Po: The time you spend with them is actually really beneficial to them, and they go home feeling special.

-Fred DeWorken: Feeling like you’re on a mission, that you’re out to do some good in the world, that’s super compelling.

-Bente Vollan: It is an amazing place to work. The culture is like none other that I’ve experienced.

-Dave Charleson: We celebrate everything. Not only the biggest deal in the company’s history or the biggest order in the company’s history, but we also celebrate a very small sale from a brand new associate.

-Tracy Fitzgerald: It’s just this awesome culture where everyone is super excited and smart and enthusiastic.

-Lynn Smith: When you join, you become part of something special and part of a family. And, therefore your opinions are meaningful. The work you put in, the effort you put in is meaningful.

-Paul Sochan: When you’re trying to solve a problem, people are working together from all kinds of different parts of the company to try and achieve a common goal.

-Jennifer Weis: Working alongside very smart, A-player sales people and being able to glean new ideas from them, and having a team that’s just as excited about what they’re selling as you are, is fantastic.

-David Salinger: There’s so much success around you that’s motivating you to become successful yourself.

-Bente Vollan: Not only do we have a great culture, but we have incredible products. And we have a lot of customers that just absolutely love us. To me it’s the best-it’s like the Trifecta.

What’s it like to work with the Tableau Sales Team?

-Molly Monsey: Working with the Tableau sales team is really inspiring, because you’re working with a group of motivated, driven individuals that are smart and they’re passionate.

-Fred DeWorken: It’s dynamic. It’s fast paced. It’s rewarding.

-Ankur Sharma: It’s fun. It’s challenging. There’s no ceiling.

-David Salinger: The Tableau sales team is probably the most fun you’ll have selling.

-Phil Andrews: Tableau is growing like mad. You have opportunities to move overseas, opportunities to work with partners.

-Eric Roy: The sales team is motivated investing time into your development as a sales person.

-Shannon St. Clair: We have a can-do attitude. We support each other. We ask questions and we go, and we go fast. I love the product, I love the mission, I love the people.

-Dave Charleson: Tableau allows you to really take your basic skills, whatever you have that you’ve built through your career, and put them actively to work every day to make people’s lives better. It sounds corny to say that, but it’s really true.

-EricRoy: I look forward to selling the product, talking to customers, understanding what their needs, and what their problems are.

-David Salinger: It feels really good to go home at the end of the day not thinking necessarily about what you’ve sold, or how much revenue you’ve brought in, but how you’ve helped customers solve their problems that they face.

-Lynn Smith: Well, the best part about being in sales in Tableau is we win, and we win a lot.

-Jennifer Weis: Why would somebody not want to work here? That’s my question.