About Us & Mission Video Script (404 words)

-Ricardo Fernández: The nature of the systems that the customers use these days the customers build these days is so complex, that actually having a clear picture of everything together is real hard.

-Ted Schuh: Often, it’s no longer one person at the company that can understand all of it, you’ve got individual teams that can understand parts of it. So having an interface like New Relic One has, allows them to be able to see very broadly but also focusing on the things that they care about.

-Katie Leonard: So you can give us the fire hose of data, and we will be able to provide the intelligence required in order to make sense of the data.

-Aitor Guevara: Business benefit is finding problems way before they happen being able to be more responsive, it’s about faster, healthier, stronger, a more perfect internet.

-Toni Pinel: I think that that was the beginning of the idea, but then it becomes something bigger, because we saw that was a perfect opportunity to improve that UI, to improve the use ability and also to improve how we work.

-Edwin Knuth: It was a great opportunity to sort of, to rethink how we do these basic things like a list of entities the list of applications and how that should work.

The platform behind it is completely revamped and is much more transparent to customers, people can see exactly what they’re looking at and develop their own queries and develop their own UI based on it.

-Patricia Cuenta: You see that we’ve built the seed of a great new product. We’ve done a great job so far, but the room that we have ahead of us to make that even greater is amazing.

-Aitor Guevara: There’s something about New Relic to me that is very interesting at this point, which is the size of the company.

We’re in the top consumers of metadata information and telemetry consumption in the world. But at the same time, the companies in these incredible size where you can still have an impact.

-Edwin Knuth: I really love giving people want they want it and making people happy through software like this and New Relic One is sort of the purest form of that.

-Toni Pinel: It is the future of New Relic, is the future of monitoring, and I believe that it’s something that our customers are going to love.