About Us & Mission Video Script (619 words)

-Michael Struthers: Flywheel’s a passionate product company, where I get to work with the best people solving the hardest problems, and having the most fun along the way.

-Shruti Chaturvedula: We are a small team, but we have a strong mix of people with different backgrounds. Together we work every single day, challenging each other. And It’s a super fun team to be on.

-Eric Swanson: The group that we have is such a tight-knit group. Working at Flywheel differs from every other job, occupation, profession I’ve had.

-Dan White: Coming to work every day at Flywheel is great because it really is family. We really are friends. It’s coming to a place where you’re accepted and there’s a place for you here.

-My coworkers are…driven, fun,incredibly smart, ridiculously talented,scary smart,excellent,

-We’re a little quirky,

– Hilarious, hardworking, super impressive goofballs.

-Michael Struthers: We’re on a rocketship. We’re growing at an incredible rate. We’re scaling a company in Omaha, Nebraska.

-Shruti Chaturvedula: Having a baby, it’s important for me to have that kind of balance between working and having a personal life, and I like the fact that I have some flexibility in my schedule if I need to have it.

-We started out with a team of three, and now we actually have teams all around the world.

-Eric Swanson: Having remote coworkers and the experience with them, it reminds us of how small the world really is.

-Alan Trabold: So, I work in Portland, Oregon. Communication is awesome at Flywheel. We’re able to communicate across the globe and really feel connected to the Omaha office.

-Anand Shah: Although I’m thousand of miles away from Flywheel Headquarters, I completely feel like a part of the Flywheel family.

-Dusty Davidson: The thing about the family aspect of Flywheel is that here’s a group of people that come together from all different walks of life.

-Jamie Bell: I always thought I would move to New York or San Francisco to work for a start- up but I ended up finding it here in Omaha.

-Michael Struthers: The pockets of community all over. People that care about sports, people that care about tacos, people that care about dogs. People just find that sense of community around what they care about the most.

-Andy Neely: We embrace weirdness by encouraging people to be themselves.

-Brett Hicks: One of the best parts about my job….the people, the people, the people, the people…

-… did somebody already say the people? Ummm…

-Brett Hicks: Flywheelers are excellent to each other in that everybody here is focused on helping others get ahead.

-Dusty Davidson: I often describe Flywheel as a high-trust environment. We trust people to keep the company’s best interest in mind. We describe that in a very simple way as DFIUFEE. DFIUFEE stands for don’t f**k it up for everyone else. Is that alright to say?

-Kimberly Bailey: When I understood that the people that I was going to be surrounded by everyday were hardworking, super passionate about what they’re doing, extremely driven, I knew that was the place I wanted to be no matter what I was doing.

-As we grow, we’re basically creating a place for people to move into.

-Eric Swanson: Many, many times, I’ve seen Flywheel choose the harder right over the easier wrong to maintain the culture, and that’s just an awesome feeling.

– I’ve learned more in my last two years working here than I did at my previous four years working as a developer.

-Eric Swanson: Yeah, I can see myself working here for the next five, ten, twenty years from now.

-Michael StruthersSo, enough about Flywheel. Tell me about yourself!