About Us & Mission Video Script (331 words)

-Evan Liang: At LeanData we have a couple cultural values one of the ones that I think is most important is being an entrepreneur.

-Vivek Ravisanker: We’re really creative, you don’t just get tasks to do every week you get kind of an idea and you get to run with it and that’s one of the biggest things that really makes me happy here.

-Eric Cetinich: You can actually make a difference, you can put a footprint down at LeanData and start something, they challenge you to go and take risks, think outside the box, they want to be creative and so you can really make your mark at a company like this.

-Evan Liang: We love people who don’t just do what’s asked to them, to think holistically about how they can help the company and drive us to be more successful,  and are willing to help each other and collaborate and go beyond that.

-Lauren Roberson: Everyone is really funny so I laugh all day at work.

-Eric Cetinich: I do believe in the product and when I went in there I saw there was a need out there for exactly what LeanData does, and so I was really excited about it.

-Lauren Roberson: I worked as an SDR at Salesforce, it would have saved me, it would give me half of my day back.

-Vivek Ravisanker: We’re a smaller dev team that means we get to report directly to the CTO in the CEO of the company, so everything you do matters, every little thing that I developed this week will be at a customer’s place the next week after.

I don’t know the answer to that question

-Eric Cetinich: How do I feel about LeanData? LeanData is a wonderful place, and it reminds me of Germany and summertime, the fields are beautiful, everyone is so nice and so when you go and that you feel like home and it’s one of most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.