About Us & Mission Video Script (122 words)

-Rajaie Batniji: Hi, I’m Rajaie Batniji, physician, co-founder, and Chief Health Officer at Collective Health. And we’re doing things differently here— not just in healthcare, but with data and research.

– Sanjay Basu: I’m Sanjay Basu. I lead the Analytics and Research team here at Collective.  I’m also a physician and a faculty member at Harvard Medical School.

Here at The Breakdown we’re going to analyze some of the latest in healthcare research, discuss the data and its implications, and talk a little bit about how Collective is using that research in order to improve health and outcomes.

-Rajaie Batniji:So that’s why we want you to tune in to The Breakdown.

– Sanjay Basu: Find out more at collectivehealth.com/insights.