About Us & Mission Video Script (294 words)

-I always tell people ‘if you like everyday to be the same do not come to work it out of plan ’it’s exciting, it’s dynamic, its growth oriented and it is not boring.

-One day you’ll be tasked with a whole new project challenge that you’re trying to see through and the next day you think it’s going to be status quo but your day changes very drastically.

-Although we’re now a public company there’s still a very strong entrepreneurial spirit and so we’re really encouraged to step out and do something really creative, and that really excites me and it makes me feel incredibly passionate about what we’re doing.

-At Anna plant what’s really unique is that we live our values everyday people talk about our values, the company rewards people for living their values, there are ways of recognizing co-workers for contributing to that values to have an organization.

-It really has kind of a small-town feel even as we’ve grown, everybody still knows everybody, everybody is very willing to help you know we’re not defined by the specific job rules that we’re in and everybody really kind of goes to market in this holistic fashion enabling our customers to be as successful as they are.

-People in Minnesota really trade an intensity that is fun but they’re really really passionate and put everything they have into what they’re doing

-Everybody celebrates together we win together we lose together we really work as one team.

-While we are young we’re successful there’s a lot of room for a lot more success to come we have a lot of talent here to do that and as we’re growing we’re looking for more of that talent to bring in and then help us grow.