About Us & Mission Video Script (574 words)

Moneet Kohli: Hi everyone, I’m Moneet Kohli Product Evangelist for Logikcull. Here today with Neda Wilson– the one and only First Lady of Logikcull. How are you? How are you doing?

-Neda Wilson: I’m doing great today. Thank you.

-Moneet Kohli:Thanks so much for coming here today and allowing us to put you on the hot seat. It wasn’t this one. We actually do this from time to time. We’ll put a Logikcull employee or a member of the Logikcull family on a hot seat in front of our entire company and they tell their story in five pictures and they put themselves on the block for every and any question from our staff. So how was that for you? Did you enjoy it?

-Neda Wilson: It was fun. Honestly I felt a little bit nervous-but I I just I got up there and I had a blast.

-Moneet Kohli: I don’t think nerves probably hit you often. You’ve been with the company the entire run. 15 years from Washington DC and Logik Systems to the birth of Logikcull, as you know– a proprietary tool– and we’re in start-up mode and you brought not just your family, but the entire Logikcull family from DC to San Francisco. So Neda– thank you for everything you’ve done for us. Do you want to thank us after those questions? Or was it like a little much?

-Neda Wilson: No– honestly I had a blast. And it was just fun being able to share my perspective from being there from the beginning when Logikcull was– where actually it wasn’t even Logikcull yet. It was just it was Logik Systems before Logikcull was even created from the dining room of our first condo– to where we are today. And I lost count of how many offices they’ve gone through to see the progression of the company over the last 15 years it has been amazing. So it was fun to share that today.

-Moneet Kohli: We’re growing. It feels like we’re doubling every year. We’re still only 95 under 100 employees, but we’re so lucky that we have amazing leadership. We have amazing leadership behind our amazing leadership– Andy Wilson– and we learned a lot today. So thank you so much– Neda– for being here. I know Andy has already remarked that we know too much about Andy now. What’s one thing that you want the world to know– that maybe they don’t know.

-Neda Wilson: I think one of the things that’s I’m always impressed with Andy is he is continue, you know, striving to learn more, to get better. He’s  always– you know– listening to different podcasts. He came up today– Does he always send them to me? Yes.He does– you know, books and just learning from other founders and CEOs. He’s always trying to learn to get better and to grow and evolve, which is really how Logik has been over the years as well– and that kind of mirrors and his own determination as well.

-Moneet Kohli: Well– then we’re lucky enough that we get to try to mirror that determination, that you’ve shown throughout your life– and also Andy–has shown through Logikcull. So thank you again. Neda– we have a siren starting out there on San Francisco, everyone stay tuned for more from the In-House Interview series and find Neda– you’re probably on LinkedIn or something? Neda Wilson on Linkedin.

-Neda Wilson: Thank you.