About Us & Mission Video Script (657 words)

-Moneet Kohli:  Okay, everyone so it’s good to look at me and look at the camera switch it up a little bit smile. If you want to try a minute anything go for it otherwise I’m just go throw out some random questions okay.

Hi everyone Moneet Kohli Product Evangelist of Logikcull. Here today with Kids Teach Tech this amazing organization that serves underserved communities mainly in the Bay Area but they’re expanding. Today we have a new recruit from Colombia — Colombia the country not the school–.

It participate remotely because they’re gonna bring Kids Teach Tech to Colombia. Arjun Mulchandani is the main leader with all these phenomenal other student teacher leaders at Kids Teach Tech – a little bit of a tongue twister — can you tell us Arjun and everyone else let’s get a quick chime in. What’s your favorite thing about working with Kids Teach Tech?  Arjun first.

-Arjun Mulchandani: So Kids Teach Tech helps underserved kids and I just love helping underserved kids and giving them the opportunity to get their feature in technology.

-Jeffrey Kwan: I enjoy teaching kids like I have some experience of teaching kids but I enjoy teaching kids especially underserved.

– Rohan Prabhu: I like working together with all the teaching assistants and with teacher Arjun and helping kids.

-Akash Seetharam:  I enjoy just teaching and sometimes if I don’t know it I get to learn it.

-Moneet: That’s a great point. Sometimes we’re teaching, sometimes we’re learning right!

– Akshay Seetharam: I enjoy cooperating with the rest of the teaching assistant team that collaborate to explain concepts.

– Lillie King: I just think the experience that I have working at Kids Teach Tech is amazing. Working with Arjun and Audrey is other friends I have in this is awesome.

-Audrey Lu: I enjoy teaching at Kids Teach Tech because it just feels great helping others.

– Avi Prakash: I love the fact that we are giving underserved kids the chance to really work about coding and technology.

-Nyan Prakash: What I really love about it is when kids work super hard but all this effort is in the moment where their program works, they run it and you can look on their face when they realize they did it and that they can.

-Moneet: I think that we had a few of those moments here in the room today this look on people’s face I can’t believe I just did that we were doing Scratch and Sphero Bolt Robotics.

We should have started with this but I just want to make sure we know who the entire team is and then we’re gonna want to make sure that you all keep following kidsteachtech.com because this is an  amazing team. Everyone give me a quick shout out starting with you Nyan.

-Nyan Prakash: I’m Nyan Prakash and a Lead Teacher for the Build Your Own Take Home Website.

-Avi Prakash: I’m Avi Prakash and I’m the TA for Kids Teach Tech.

-Audrey Lu: I’m Audrey Lu and I’m also Teaching Assistant for Kids Teach Tech.

-Lillie King: I’m Lillie King and I am also Teaching Assistant for Kids Teach Tech.

-Arjun Mulchandani: I’m Arjun Mulchandani I’m the Founder and Lead Teacher and also leading other three classes.

– Jeffrey Kwan: I’m Jeffrey Kwan and I’m a Teacher Assistant for Kids Teach Tech.

-Akshay Seetharam: I’m Akshay Seetharam  I’m Teaching Assistant and Developer of Flowcharts.

-Rohan Prabhu: I’m Rohan Prabhu I’m Teaching Assistant for Kids Teach Teach.

-Akash Seetharam: I’m Akash Seetharam and I’m also developing Flowcharts course with my brother.

-Moneet: Amazing! You taught us so much today, thanks guys. Can’t wait to see you next time here at Logikcull and out there in the world you’re really improving the world for everyone. Thank you guys.

Thanks guys! Bye!