About Us & Mission Video Script (330 words)

-Jim Gochee: We have a really big mission as a company and we’re just getting started we’re still at the beginning there’s a lot of opportunity here and we’re very excited about our future.

My name is Jim Gochee and I’m the chief product officer of New Relic. My responsibility is to make sure that I create an environment here where great things can happen.

What’s pretty cool about New Relic is we operate at a scale that very few companies ever get to see, so we need people who are really really smart and interested in solving hard problems here.

To me everything centers around the customer and providing value to them and so that’s one of the things that gives me a lot of satisfaction is knowing that the work we do here translates so directly into these big projects, these moments in time, these moments of truth that our customers have where their systems have to work right and they’re depending on New Relic for their own success, it’s pretty cool.

We put our team’s right on the front line where they’re able to you know make those code changes very quickly and push that code out into customers hands at a company that’s growing as fast as we are there’s always a new project, there’s always a new team being formed, there’s always a new initiative that you can latch on to, and there’s a lot of opportunities for growth.

We have career conversations with people want to understand what their objectives are and then we try to put them in those environments where they can learn and grow. People are very supportive, they’re engaged, they care, they work really hard it’s a very authentic culture.

Now I love working  here I’ve been doing this for 10 years was that the company what it was first founded and,you know, what keeps me coming back for more is the people here in the mission that we’re on.