About Us & Mission Video Script (421 words)

-Moneet Kohl: What really speaks so highly about Logikcull is that they make sure everyone here feels like they’re part of a family.

-Terry Yoo: We’re really building a company to help people. Yes, we’re a business but the end of the day we’re a business that embodies like an altruistic nature.

-Nancy Dexter-Milling: Logikcull cares about its employees and not the superficial way.

-Alexander Su: I think this is a really exciting space because as data increases in the world there’s going to be a need for tools to quickly sift through and find what you need, and so that to me is a huge trend and I think Logikcull is positioned right there to help everyone out and that means a lot of growth in the future.

-Andy Wilson: Why have we decided to remote culture and and how do we do it? It’s a big part of our our company  a third of the company maybe a little bit more is remote and almost the entire engineering team is remote.

-Sheng Yang: It’s about empowering our everybody here.

-Adam Brill: We have engineers in Canada in the UK and we’re spreading the new places all the time, which is really cool to see it I think it just brings some great conversations to the table.

-Terry Yoo: We’re a team it’s never a competition, there’s friendly competition but that’s just more to kind of encourage others to just be better to be the best they can be.

Everyone works really hard here they understand the importance of what we’re doing, they see that you know we’re making an impact in this world it’s a very addictive place to be.

-Nancy Dexter-Milling: But my favorite part is that everybody is really humble here, no one takes themselves really seriously, we take the work seriously but we don’t take ourselves seriously.

-Michelle Price: Biggest thing of what makes Logikcull different from other companies is the sense of curiosity a lot of people have here and a sense of grit which I love.

-Adam Brill: I feel really fortunate that I joined the team which has awesome people on it and actually been my mission as we’ve grown, is just really continuing to hire people that we want to spend time with that enjoy working with each other and I want to spend time with too.

And so it’s it’s all about seeing people grow, seeing people build great things and seeing we’ll just fulfilled and the work that they do.